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We Offer Comprehensive Services to Our Patients

Marmora Family Dental Associates believes in transparency. Our dedication to providing our patients with comprehensive information is a large part of our success, as well as our track record for offering outstanding dental services. Dental care is important for preserving healthy teeth and gums. From preventative services like dental cleanings to restorative services such as dental implants, Marmora Family Dental Associates has a lot to offer. Learn more about our practice and what we offer.

What Services Do You Offer

Part of offering great dental services is providing plenty of them. Our team knows how to perform a variety of procedures, but more importantly, we know how to identify when they’re necessary. We understand when you need a root canal, when to pursue teeth whitening, and how our services combine to deliver outstanding care. Our services are whatever you need them to be!

What is General Dentistry

General dentistry is a broad classification that generally describes some of the more routine, everyday procedures we perform. For instance, regular, annual dental cleanings fall into this category, as well as fillings or root canals. Most patients who see us need services that fall under this category. For others, we offer emergency services, orthodontics, and restorative work.

Do You Provide Emergency Dental Services?

If you chip a tooth or knock one out, you shouldn’t have to wait to see a dental professional. Emergency dentistry exists to provide patients with urgent care should they require it. We offer expedited appointments to all patients suffering from genuine emergencies.

When and Why Should I Pursue Orthodontics?

While you might think orthodontics is just for teenagers, adults can get them as well. How you look isn’t the only beneficiary of straight teeth – your ability to chew and long-term oral health are tied up in straightening them. We offer a variety of options to our patients, understanding that not all orthodontics options are right for them.

Contact Marmora Family Dental Associates Today

If you have any other questions, Marmora Family Dental Associates encourages you to get in touch with our office. Our front-office staff is knowledgeable about the dental industry and our offerings. You can be sure you’ll gain an accurate, honest assessment of what we have to offer you when you call. Contact us today.